This project looks at representation in the Library of Congress. I searched for remarkable people in the Library of Congress' collections who did not receive obituaries in the The New York Times until the launch of their "Overlooked" feature in 2018.

Choose one of the research questions below. I asked these while searching the Library of Congress' catalog.

Please contribute to the data set behind this project! A github repo is available here.

Soon an example browser extension will be available for you to add individuals to the front page of the Library of Congress' website.

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Subject Headings are part of bibliographic records. They are the subjects under which an item will be listed. They act like tags that people use to find items they might not find otherwise.

Name Authority Files contain the standardized forms of names for people, businesses, institutions, etc. They create consistency.

Finding Aids are typically for collections of primary source materials belonging to individuals or institutions. They provide an overview of what is inside a collection.